Posted by R B

During the most random and unplanned trip to Mr Smalls Theatre last year for their All Scene Festival, I came across this band and they blew my mind. After just watching in awe for the entire set I HAD to make my way down to the main stage to shake the lead singer Ricky's hand. We spoke for a few and he told me a little about himself and I did the same. After that night I just knew more people had to see this guy shred. Almost a year later I've FINALLY gotten him on a bill. Comancheria will be performing April 30th at our The City event. Before you get to next saturday, stream the A/B side they released via Soundclound. If you love it as much as I do you can purchase the Limited Edition 10" Lathe Cut Record online or we will have a limited set of them at the event on 4/30. Listen below.