Posted by Sarah Kochin

No doubt about it, Benji. has been busy this year! Keeping up with this talented musician is hard work. He's traveled for gigs out of town, released a full length album, produced for other artists, written, recorded, and also performed at every festival, event, and function around the 412. His performance at The City 2018 was engaging and fun; his on stage chemistry with Slim Tha DJ is undeniable and the crowd always matches his high energy level.

We're so excited to share in celebrating Benji's music video release for "Right On", off his project Smile You're Alive


Directed and edited by Jordan Armstrong, the video features Benji. and his crew around Pixburgh sipping Mimosas looking generally carefree and unbothered. (Although we can't be sure that the orange drinks aren't actually Brokemosas.) The upbeat melody of "Right On" compliments Benji's playful lyricism and conjures the feelings of a summer joy ride with all the windows down.

Start your week off right and watch Benji's "Right On" video below. We guarantee you'll be playing this song as the background to all the last minute Summer '18 cookouts.